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Win Free Fuel for a Year!

Posted by 1FrugalMom on September 28, 2014 at 12:55 PM Comments comments (0)

Enter to win Free Fuel for a year!

To enter to win a year's worth of quality Shell gasoline, you must first enroll in the Fuel Rewards™ Network program HERE (don't worry, it's FREE)!  New members can also earn a 25¢/gallon enrollment bonus on their second fill-up.  Shell is also giving away 60¢/gallon in Fuel Rewards® savings for every hour of every day from Sept. 8th - Nov. 2nd to over 1,300+ lucky winners!

If you're already a FRN member, or returning daily to enter to win, simply click here (after you're already enrolled here).

Tell a friend!  Here's the short link: www.tinyurl.com/freefuelforayear  

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To check your Fuel Rewards balance, text "fuelrewards" to 67463.

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Turbo-Cooling Pillowcase Review & GIVEAWAY!

Posted by 1FrugalMom on May 25, 2014 at 6:10 PM Comments comments (1)

As you may remember, last year I reviewed, and hosted a giveaway for, the Polar-Pillow (see that review here), and many of you were very interested in it.  I heard back from several of you that you had hoped to win because you frequently experience migraines, hot flashes, night sweats, live in hot climates, and etc., and hoped the Polar-Pillow could help you.  Well, I've got some great news!  The ingenious, and generous, people at Polar-Pillow are at it again!  

So you ask, what can possibly be better than a Polar-Pillow?  And the answer is... A Turbo-Cooling Pillowcase, by the makers of Polar-Pillow, that allows you to turn your favorite, standard size, pillow (ANY standard size pillow), into a turbo-cooling pillow!  Plus, it's HALF the price of the original Polar-Pillow (AVR $99)!  Average retail value of the Turbo-Cooling Pillowcase is $49.

I personally love the Turbo-Cooling Pillowcase because it is ULTRA SOFT and provides a cool night's rest.  And I highly recommend it to anyone whom wants to turn their favorite pillow into a cooling pillow.  I think this product is especially great for those of you whom use special orthopedic pillows and want to vamp them up to a specialized cooling pillow.  I can only imagine how therapeutic that would be!


Here's how it works:


You need Adobe Flash Player to view this content.

Questions? Email info@polar-pillow.com and/or call 1-917-267-0497.  To place an online order, visit http://www.polar-pillow.com/  and receive 10% off with code RECHARGED!

EXCLUSIVE GIVEAWAY for 1FrugalMom Fans! The extremely generous people at Polar Pillow are kindly giving away one of their awesome Turbo-Cooling Pillowcases to one of my lucky readers!  

For your chance to win, ENTER HERE on the Rafflecopter Entry Form!  

"A great day begins with a cool night!" Polar Pillow

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** Giveaway open to continental U.S. residents only, 18+, and ends on 6/4/2014.  1FrugalMom is not responsible for prize fulfillment.  Sponsor will ship directly to the winner.

Disclosure: I received a Turbo Cooling Pillowcase at no charge to test and review.  As always, all opinions are 100% my own, and genuine.  My full disclosure policy can be found here.

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FREE Credit Score Monthly Monitoring from CreditSesame! Plus, a Chance to Win Cash! And Earn FREE Gift Cards!

Posted by 1FrugalMom on September 21, 2013 at 10:40 AM Comments comments (0)

Woo hoo!  I have "excellent" credit again!  :-)  Do you know your credit score?  Mine is 766!  You can check yours for FREE w/ Credit Sesame HERE!  They will NEVER ask you for payment.  NO credit card required!  I've been using them for over two years now and LOVE them!  It's helped level up in life & get lower rates!  Get your FREE credit score HERE!


Get your truly FREE credit score every month!  Monitor your home value, debt-to-income ratio and much more to keep tabs on your credit profile!

CreditSesame is a 100% free personal finance credit and debt management tool with no credit card required, nor any trial periods! 

You'll NEVER be asked for payment!  It's COMPLETELY FREE, and provides an instant view of your Experian credit score, and so much more, refreshed monthly, for FREE!  I LOVE it!  :-)

Also, when you register HERE, you will automatically be entered into a drawing for a chance to win cash prizes!  :-)  Already a member?  Just log-in to automatically be entered to win!  


Credit Sesame also gives you the opportunity to earn free gift cards, too!  Simply refer 10 people to receive a $25 Amazon Gift Card!  Refer 15 more to earn a second $25 gift card, and so on... see chart below: 


Before joining Credit Sesame, I already knew my credit score b/c I applied to purchase a home; and this service is spot on!   It listed my student loans, credit card debt, and debt to income ratio, as well as provided me with an accurate credit score!   It even tells you how you compare among your peers.  And they offer great, FREE, advice!  I've been using Credit Sesame for over two years now and am very pleased!   Monitoring my credit has helped me improve my score and thus receive better APR rates on my credit cards; plus I'm sure it will help me secure a better car loan rate soon, too!  Get your FREE credit score HERE and automatically be entered to win cash prizes!

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UPDATE (on 8/23/14): The friend referral program has changed!  Now you will receive a free $10 Amazon gift card for every 3 friends you refer!  Easy!  For more info., click here.

For ways to save $, earn extra cash, & score freebies, click here!


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Tips to Winning Giveaways!

Posted by 1FrugalMom on April 12, 2013 at 4:20 PM Comments comments (6)


The secret to winning giveaways, is really no secret at all.  It's simple really: SIMPLY ENTER TO WIN!  If you don't enter, you can't win.  And the more you enter, the better your chances!  Personally, I spend about an hour every day entering giveaways.  I've made it a part of my daily routine.  It's a chore, but it pays off.  I win stuff all the time!  And sometimes the things are really nice!

I've put together a huge list of FREE instant win games and sweepstakes that I update almost daily.  It takes me about an hour every day to enter everything on the list. I promise you that if you spend the time entering, and I don't just mean one time or one day, but if you make it a part of your regular routine and stick to it, you're sure to win!  Here's my huge list of giveaways -->  http://1frugalmom.webs.com/apps/blog/show/18384740-free-daily-instant-win-games-sweepstakes-  GOOD LUCK!!!  :D

In addition to entering frequently, and as much as possible, here are some more tips...

--  Check your email often! Many giveaways limit the time frame you have to claim your prize. And always check your spam/junk folders b/c many emails from companies go directly into that box.

--  To help locate winning notices, I recommend searching your email every few days by key words like: congratulations, congrats, you've won, you won, you win, winner, prize, fulfillment, and etc.  Be sure to check both your inbox, and your spam/junk folder, by those keywords.

--  Always follow the rules.  Never try to cheat or you could be disqualified.  For example, if the giveaway states "only one entry per household," trust me, they have ways of knowing where every entry came from, and if they received more than one entry from your IP address, you may lose your chance to win. 

--  In many cases, you'll only have to enter your info (name, address, etc) the 1st time entering. Then when you return to enter again each day after that, usually all you'll need to enter is the email address you originally used to signed-up.   However, in some cases, the entry forms require you to fill it out completely each time.  To save time, I use Google Chrome's auto-fill.  I believe FireFox may also offer autofill, too.  Use it!  It's a huge time saver!  It also helps if your email address is short, lol.  Mine is longer, and it's a pain in the butt to type it out when required.  

-- It may help to have a separate, designated, email address just for entering sweepstakes b/c sometimes signing up for newsletters may be required, and/or you may receive a lot of "entry confirmation" emails, and a separate email address will help keep the possible clutter out of your personal box.  Just remember to check it frequently (and it's spam folder, too).  Also, another benefit of doing this, is that you'll know that any and all emails received in that email account are from your giveaway entries.

--  If you have the option to opt-out of a mailing listing, take it.  That means either checking or unchecking a box, or boxes, to stay off their mailing list.  Look closely.

--  If you're uncomfortable sharing your date of birth on the entry forms, you can fudge your date by a number or two. For example, if your birthday is 2/22/80, you could say your bday is 2/21/80, or 3/22/80, or 2/22/81, just change one digit that will be easy for you to remember. In most cases, they only request your DOB (date of birth) because you have to be above a certain age to participate, and this date is usually never verified. However, please keep in mind that if you win a big prize like a huge cash amount or vehicle, you may be required to show your ID to claim your prize (although not likely, it could happen). If that were to happen, hopefully because the date would only be one digit off, they would be willing to accept it w/ the slight error assuming it was a simple typo (that's my thoughts anyway).

--  The more effort required to enter a giveaway, the better your chances of winning b/c many others will not put forth the effort to enter. Giveaways like this include things like photo contests, jingle contests, recipe contests, and etc., that require action (instead of just clicking or filling out a short form). Personally, I've won some of my best prizes with giveaways that required a photo entry.

--  Use a FREE Google Voice Number, instead of your home/cell phone number, to have control over unwanted sales calls.  Google Voice Numbers can be forwarded to any other number you want, like your home or cell phone, or straight to voice mail (in which case you'll receive an email notification), so callers will never know it's not your real number (and you'll never miss a sweepstakes winning call).  Plus, Google Voice Numbers provide the option to BLOCK unwanted calls. So if/when you do get a sales call, you can always block that number to prevent further calls from that unwanted caller.  I LOVE Google Voice!  And I strongly suggest using it instead of your real/direct number(s).  Trust me, you'll thank me later.  

--  Click through to the end.  Make sure that you click all the way through to the end.  You want to see something that confirms that your entry has been received.  Sometimes the URL in your browser will also change and have an ending that says something like "thank you."

In a nut shell:

1.)  Enter to win often!  Make it a part of your daily routine if possible.

2.)  Check email frequently.  And don't forget to also check spam/junk folders.

3.)  Routinely search your email by key "winning" announcement type words.

4.)  Make sure you follow the rules to prevent being disqualified.  This should really be #1.

5.)  Use auto fill.  I use Google Chrome's, it's free & easy.  I think FireFox offers it, too.

6.) Set-up a dedicated, short, email address just for giveaways.  And don't forget to check it often (along w/ it's spam folder).  And opt out of mailing lists to prevent email clutter.

7.) If you're concerned about providing your birthdate, change it by one digit.  

8.)  The harder the entry requirements, the fewer people will enter, which means a better chance of you winning.  Examples:  Photo contests, jingle contests, recipe contests, & etc.

9.)  Use a FREE Google Voice Number to avoid unwanted sales calls. 

10.)  Click through to the end & make sure to get confirmation that your entry was received.


Have you won something?  Got any tips of your own?  Please comment below!

For more ways to score freebies & cash, click here!


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Posted by 1FrugalMom on February 27, 2013 at 8:00 AM Comments comments (10)

Below is a quick list of free daily instant win games & sweepstakes.  Clink on the links to get more information about each giveaway & enter to win!  Bookmark this page & return daily to try your luck!  Best wishes!  *Last updated on 2/26/15.  



Read my Top 10 TIPS to WINNING GIVEAWAYS, HERE!  :-)


Try your luck at the following DAILY INSTANT WIN GAMES! 

** Ends 3/9/15 Enter The VSP EnVision Sweepstakes for a chance to win an Entertainment System consisting of a 40″ LED HDTV and a Soundbar. Total ARV of the grand prize is $1,248. You could also win 1 of 10 Android Tablets, worth $100 each.  http://bit.ly/1yxINjD

** Ends 3/15/2015  PRIZES/ODDS: Grand Prizes (12): Each Grand Prize winner will receive one (1) $500 MasterCard® Prepaid eCode. Approximate Retail Value (“ARV”;): $500 each. First Prizes (60): Each First Prize winner will receive one (1) $100 MasterCard® Prepaid eCode. ARV: $100 each. Second Prizes (1,800): Each Second Prize winner will receive one (1) $50 MasterCard® Prepaid eCode. ARV: $50 each. Third Prizes (9,000): Each Third Prize winner will receive one (1) $25 MasterCard® Prepaid eCode. ARV: $25 each.   http://prod.camel.com/promotions/crush/activities/time-to-crush/#  Might have to log in first at Camel.com.  Rules here.

** Ends 3/20/15  Play the @Discovery At Sea Match & Win Game for your chance to win a free cruise with @PrincessCruises!  http://bit.ly/14qhHiu  Rules here.

*** Ends 4/5/15 Enter The Ultimate Hockey Fan Sweepstakes for a chance to win $25,000 cash or a trip for two to one of the cities where the Stanley Cup Final is located. http://bit.ly/13cppw9

*** Ends 6/15/15 Grand prize is $10,000. (279) PRIZES: $25 awarded as a $25 pre-paid gift card and a free Liquid-Plumr product awarded as (1) free product coupon (valued at up to $8.50).   https://www.liquidplumr.com/play-with-plumrs-game/  Rules here & here.

* Ends 6/17/15  (Begins 1/28/15)  https://pg.promo.eprize.com/professionals/  Lots of prizes up for grabs.  Here's some just to name a few:  Pro Health for Me Toothbrushes ARV: $41.64.  Crest White Strips ARV: $35.  Pro Flex Manual Brushes. ARV: $47.64.  And more.  Rules here.

** Ends 6/30/15 Prizes: EIGHT (8) GRAND PRIZES: A $250 Visa® gift card. Approximate Retail Value (“ARV”;): $250. TWENTY (20) FIRST PRIZES: A $100 Visa® gift card. ARV: $100. FORTY (40) SECOND PRIZES: A $50 Visa® gift card. ARV: $50. EIGHTY (80) THIRD PRIZES: A $25 Visa® gift card. ARV: $25. TWELVE THOUSAND (12,000) FOURTH PRIZES: A $1 off GLAD products coupon. TWELVE THOUSAND (12,000) FIFTH PRIZES: A $0.50 off GLAD products coupon. Total ARV of all prizes: $8,000. https://www.glad.com/food-storage/fridge-and-seek-hidden-object-game/

** Ends 6/30/15  https://www.glad.com/trash/100-ways/  Win a $500 Visa GC & more.  EIGHT (8) GRAND PRIZES: A $500 digital Visa gift card. Approximate Retail Value (“ARV”;): $500. TWENTY (20) FIRST PRIZES: A $250 digital Visa gift card. ARV: $250. FIFTY (50) SECOND PRIZES: A $100 digital Visa gift card. ARV: $100. ONE HUNDRED (100) THIRD PRIZES: A $50 digital Visa gift card. ARV: $50. TWO HUNDRED (200) FOURTH PRIZES: A $25 digital Visa gift card. ARV: $25. FOUR HUNDRED FIFTY (450) FIFTH PRIZES: A $10 digital Visa gift card. ARV: $10. EIGHT THOUSAND (8,000) SIXTH PRIZES: A coupon good for $3 off Glad Trash Products. EIGHTEEN THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED (18,500) SEVENTH PRIZES: A coupon good for $1 off Glad Trash Products. Total ARV of Phase 2 Prizes: $28,500.

*** Ends 6/30/15  Win $50,000 & more!  https://www.helloinsiders.com/  Rules here.

Ends 8/30/15  Win one of 5 GRAND PRIZES: (2) tickets and VIP access to the 2015 NASCAR-sanctioned Championship race weekend (“ARV”;): $4,670. INSTANT WIN GAME:(211) First Prizes (1) awarded per calendar day: A High Dome Grill and a full color apron. Each ARV: $57.  https://mondelez.promo.eprize.com/nascar15/  Rules here.  

** Ends 9/26/15  https://www.perfectcupsweeps.com/  Sweepstakes Prize: A Keurig K45 Elite Brewing System, two (2) 22 or 24 count boxes of Keurig Brewed® K-Cup® packs every month for twelve (12) months, and a $500 check (“ARV”;): $1,015.75. Instant Win Game Prizes: (78) FIRST PRIZES (1) PER WEEK): (1) Keurig® K45 Elite Brewing System ARV: $119.99. (544) SECOND PRIZES (1) PER DAY): (1) Green Mountain Coffee Regular Variety K-Cup Pack Sampler. ARV: $16.49.  Rules here.

*** Ends 12/30/15  Win $15,000 & more!  http://bit.ly/1cCfsKg

*** Ends 12/31/15  TWIX Pick A Side Instant Win Game.  Enter online HERE, or TEXT COOKIE or CHOCOLATE to 87654.  Grand Prize: $100,000 check. (400,000) First Prizes: each, a MP3 file of a song from the library of songs available at www.amplifiedrewards.com delivered by email as an eight character code redeemable at www.eMusicCash.com/twix ARV: $0.99-1.29 each. (100,000) Second Prizes: each, a coupon redeemable for one package of TWIX® Cookie Bars (1.68 oz. – 1.79 oz); ARV: $1.49 each. PRIZE LIMIT: (5) Game Prizes per person during the Game Period. Click here for rules.  

*** Ends 12/31/15  Win CASH prizes and more!  3 winners will receive $5K!  11 winners will receive $1K!  11 more winners will receive $500!  And many more prizes up for grabs, too!  https://listerine.promo.eprize.com/21daychallenge/  Rules & PRIZES listed here. 

End Date Unknown:  http://www.sixflags.com/national/  

End Date Unknown: www.facebook.com/headlineshirts/app_121677374624060

** End Date Unknown - Continuing: http://www.pch.com/instant-win  and http://www.facebook.com/pch/app_297487583683781 and http://www.facebook.com/pch/app_170495356371702  While there, check out the page's other tabs to enter both their other instant win games and sweepstakes each day.

Continuing: http://www.travelchannel.com/sweepstakes

No End Date - Continuing INSTANT WIN GAMES: Enter daily up to 5 times by requesting 5 free entries each day in the "rules" where it says "see rules for details" after you click on the instant win game you want to play, then scroll down to section 5C and click where it says "click here" and enter the captcha. http://www.mycokerewards.com/instant-win-contests?


The following are NOT instant wins, but you can ENTER to win DAILY:

** Ends 3/11/15  One GRAND PRIZE WINNER will receive a five-day, four-night trip for two to Paris, France. The prize includes round-trip airfare and airport transfers and deluxe hotel accommodations. Thirteen WEEKLY WINNERS will receive an Oscillo Travel Prize Pack—one box of Oscillococcinum 6 Dose, a signature red Oscillo scarf, and an official Oscillo luggage tag.  http://woobox.com/uxcq85/digeud

** Ends 3/11/15  Enter the InTouch Sweepstakes for a chance to win a $3,000 Sundance Gift Pack consisting of a 3-Night Stay in Aruba, Jelt Belt Virtually invisible belt, Innergie PocketCell Plus and LifeHub, Eb5, Anti-Aging SkinCare Original 5-1 Anti-Aging Facial Treatment & Collagen Treatment Serum, Coolway Shoes Booties, NETGEAR Arlo Smart Home Wireless Security Camera, LunchBox Wax Box Essentials Kit and THE THIRD PIECE The Madison Mitts.  http://winit.intouchweekly.com/sweepstakes/win-the-sundance-gift-bag-7505  **DON'T CLICK the privacy button to receive emails, you can still enter w/o it.

* Ends 3/11/15  Win home Wi-Fi for a year. One winner will be chosen per day.  Enter here.

*** Ends 3/15/15   Win a trip for two to Great Britain. The trip includes airfare, train travel, on Heathrow Express, two consecutive nights hotel accommodations at a Radisson Blu Edwardian hotel in London, private training in British Etiquette, hotel accommodations for two nights at The Bear Hotel, 4-star, 13th centuring coaching inn, private driving tour of the Oxfordshire Cotswolds, visit to iconic Highclere Castle, and all five seasons of Downton Abbey on DVD. ARV: $7,500.  http://pbsmasterpiecesweepstakes.com/  Rules here.

* Ends 3/20/15  Enter to win a ‘Love Your Heart’ bracelet and necklace, plus a $1,500 jewelry shopping spree courtesy of Jewelry Television. Total value of the prize is $1,650.  Enter to win at http://winit.intouchweekly.com/sweepstakes/win-a-bracelet-necklace-1500-jewelry-shopping-spree-from-jtv-7373

*** Ends 3/22/15  First, log in at https://www.marlboro.com/gconnect/login_input.action  Then click the Hot Streak Logo or click HERE (only if you are logged in) and pick the photo you think most other people will pick.  Prizes & rules listed here.

*** Ends 3/24/15  Win a 15 day trip to Hawaii worth $100,000, which also includes $25,000 spending money.  OR you can opt instead to receive the cash option of $75,000 (in the form of a check) in lieu of the vacation!  Enter to win HERE then for a 2nd daily entry, follow the link that will appear after you enter to also enter a 2nd time on Facebook, too!

** Ends 3/30/15  Lay's 1 Million Dollar Giveaway!  Enter as many times as you like!  3 http://bit.ly/1sVD9mn  PRIZE DETAILS: Finalist Prizes (3): $ 50,000 wins in the form of a check or wire transfer, payable to winner.  Grand Prize (1): The Grand Prize Winner Shall be Entitled to Receive The Greater of: (A) One percent (1%) of the Net Sales * of the Grand Prize Winner's Finalist Flavor for the period July 15, 2015-through July 15, 2016 ("Sales Period") OR (b) One Million Dollars ($ 1,000,000). Awarded in the form of a check or wire transfer, payable to winner. ARV: $ 1,000,000.

** Ends 3/31/15 Play game & vote for a chance to win $10K.  http://bit.ly/1wv4y0M

* Ends 3/31/15  http://www.naturaldelights.com/promotions/your-date-with-fitness

*** Ends 3/31/15  Enter Wellborn Cabinet’s Dream Kitchen Makeover Sweepstakes for a chance to win a $12,000 Dream Kitchen Makeover, consisting of kitchen cabinets, flooring, counter top and labor payable via check.  Enter to win at http://www.wellborn.com/form.php  Rules here.

* Ends 3/31/15  Win a trip for two to Bethel, ME! The trip includes airfare, hotel accommodations for five nights at The Bethel Inn Resort with daily breakfast and unlimited cross country ski and snowshoe rental, two-day skiing at Sunday River Resort, and snowmobile rental for two at Northeast Snowmobile Rentals.  http://www.visitmaine.com/themainethingsweeps/

** Ends 3/31/15  Win a Trip to Austin, TX.   Enter to win here.

** Ends 4/4/15  http://bit.ly/1DKdSVo  

** Ends 4/4/15  Win 1 of 5 - $2,000 Visa gift cards!  Also, 1,008 winners will receive a $50 Visa gift card.  http://capnstache.com  *Photo upload required.  Rules here.

** Ends 4/5/15  Win a trip and more.  Log in at marlboro.com then go here (and/or here).  Official rules here.

*** Ends 4/5/15  Enter the Boston Market Cruise In To Win Sweepstakes for a chance to win a 7-day Caribbean Cruise for four, valued at $6,570. Two second prize winners will each receive their selection of a Princess Cruises cruise for two on either the West or East Coast Getaway Sailing, valued at $1,370 each.  http://bostonmarket.com/CruiseInToWin/index.jsp

*** Ends 4/6/15 Nabisco Snack Bracket Instant Win Giveaway - 1,506 Winners total. 1,000 $25 Visa Card Winners, 500 Basketball Party Prize Pack Winners, 5 TV and Entertainment System Winners, plus $450 cash. And 1 Grand Prize Trip To Final Four for four people, for 5 nights, and four days, plus a gift bag & $7,470.00 Spending $!  Enter to win HERE.

* Ends 4/7/15  Win an LG Tablet, a $1,000 Visa Prepaid Card, a Toyota Camry & more!  bit.ly/2015RUTR1  Rules here.  *You can once per hour.  

* Ends 4/23/15  Enter the Little Bites' Earth Day Sweepstakes for a chance to win 1 of 275 prizes!  Enter to win at http://woobox.com/cgerc2/dwkvsv

* Ends 4/27/15  Domino's Pizza Gift Card Giveaway. 1,000 winners will receive a $10 gift card.  And 5 grand prize winners will receive a $500 gift card.  Instagram required.  More info at http://logoinformants.com/  Rules here.  1) Follow Domino's on Instagram here.  2) Post a photo of an old Domino's Logo to your instagram.  You must include the following hashtags on your photo: #LogoInformants #Sweeps 

* Ends 5/15/15  Enter the Angie’s Popcorn Life is a Totally Fantastical Ride Sweepstakes for a chance to win 1 of 3 Vespa scooters worth $3,599 each, or 1 of over 100 other prizes.  http://woobox.com/83apdm/dnusgu

*** Ends 5/31/15  Win a trip to Hawaii!  Spin the wheel, and/or enter a photo, daily for more chances to win.  http://gobigsweeps.socialapps.co/users/dashboard  One (1) Grand Prize Winner will receive one (1) trip for winner and up to three (3) Guests to Honolulu, Hawaii consisting of: Round-trip economy class air transportation for winner and up to three (3) guests between a major commercial airport nearest winner’s permanent residence and Honolulu, Hawaii (airline designated by Sponsor); and one (1) seven (7) nights hotel accommodations (one standard room, quad occupancy) at the European Plan Outrigger Waikiki Beach Resort designated by Sponsor. The approximate retail value of the Grand Prize: up to $9,500. Grand Prize Winner and his/her guests must travel between June 1, 2015 and June 30, 2016 and travel is subject to blackout dates and availability.  More info here.

*** Ends 11/6/15  Win $10,000!  Rules here.  Enter HERE.  If the screen errors out after your submit your info, hit the backspace key & resubmit.

*** Ends 1/31/16  Win $100,000!  **** CAUTION **** Be careful to choose the FREE entry option!  LOOK FOR LINK TO CLICK for a no-subscription entry - wait until new window pops up to enter. ****  http://www.goodhousekeeping.com/sweepstakes/29410  Rules here.

*** Ends 1/31/16 Win $100,000!   **** CAUTION **** Be careful to choose the FREE entry option!   LOOK FOR LINK TO CLICK for a no-subscription entry - wait until new window pops up to enter. ****  http://www.goodhousekeeping.com/sweepstakes/29989  Rules here.

*** Ends 1/31/15  Win $100,000! **** CAUTION **** Be careful to choose the FREE entry option! LOOK FOR LINK TO CLICK for a no-subscription entry - wait until new window pops up to enter. ****  http://redbook.hearstmobile.com/sweepstakes/29998

*** Ends 1/31/16 Win $100,000!  **** CAUTION **** Be careful to choose the FREE entry option!  LOOK FOR LINK TO CLICK for a no-subscription entry - wait until new window pops up to enter. **** http://www.countryliving.com/sweepstakes/29286  Rules here.

*** Ends 1/31/16 Win $100,000! **** CAUTION **** Be careful to choose the FREE entry option! LOOK FOR LINK TO CLICK for a no-subscription entry - wait until new window pops up to enter. ****  http://www.womansday.com/sweepstakes/29446  Rules here.

*** Ends 1/31/16  Win $25,000!  **** CAUTION **** Be careful to choose the FREE entry option!  LOOK FOR LINK TO CLICK for a no-subscription entry - wait until new window pops up to enter. ****  http://veranda.hearstmobile.com/sweepstakes/30610  Rules here.

*** Ends 1/31/2016  Win $100K!  Enter HERE. **** CAUTION **** Be careful to choose the FREE entry option (says "click here"), and don't accidentally subscribe to a magazine trial.

* Continuing:  Win a $1,500 Saks Fifth Avenue Gift Card for a shopping spree. https://www.saksfifthavenue.com/html/email_popup/email_collect_popup_main.jsp

** End Date Unknown:  Win a cruise!  Enter here.

** Continuing:  http://winit.intouchweekly.com/

Continuing:  http://www.motorz.tv/win/

Continuing:  http://visitmaine.com/themainethingsweeps/

Continuing:  http://www.facebook.com/Bidacuda/app_103083473150458  (you may have entered these previously above - they're all listed on one page here, and separately above).

No end date.  Win a $25 Gift Card.  Daily winners!  woobox.com/dykdov/939qda

** No End Date - http://www.facebook.com/BigPrize?v=app_228636177288  I suggest you check this link (or look for it on the left hand side of your Facebook "home" page under "apps") at least once a week to see if you've won b/c they give you about 7 (or maybe 10) days to claim your prize.  I was lucky enough to be one of their winners!  Good luck!

No End Date - Continuing SWEEPSTAKES: Enter daily up to 5 times by requesting 5 free entries each day in the "rules."  Just click on the sweepstakes you want to enter, then click where it says "see rules for details" and you'll see where to "click here" for a free entry in section 5C (repeat the process 5 times).  http://www.mycokerewards.com/sweepstakes?


Enter to win the following giveaways ONCE PER WEEK:

** Ends 2/25/15  Enter the RightThisMinute iPad mini Sweepstakes for a chance to win 1 of 23 Apple iPad Mini’s (ARV $330 each) or 1 of 5 40″ Flat Screen TV’s (ARV $398.00 each).  Enter to win at https://www.facebook.com/RightThisMinute/app_143103275748075

*** Ends 3/6/15  Win a Caribbean Beach Escape for a chance to win a Trip for Two to the Caribbean. The prize package includes Ocean-view room occupancy, complimentary beach house access, complimentary use of non-motorized water sports and Complimentary botanical golf course or monkey spotting tour.  Total ARV of $4,200.  Enter to win at http://www.forbestravelguide.com/sweepstakes/caribbean-escape

** Ends 3/11/15  Enter HERE and HERE!  2 Entries per week.  Grand Prize: One (1) Grand Prize Winner will receive a travel package for two (2) (winner and one (1) guest) to Paris, France. The travel package consists of the following: (i) round trip, coach-class airfare for Grand Prize Winner and one (1) guest between the major U.S. airport located within the 48 contiguous United States nearest Grand Prize Winner’s residence and Paris, France (airports determined by Sponsor in its sole discretion); (ii) five (5) days, four (4) nights deluxe hotel accommodations (one double occupancy room, room rate and tax only); (iii) round trip airport transfers in Paris; (iv) all taxes related to accommodations and airfare; and, (v) two passes to Le Jardin des Plantes (ecological garden and biodiversity preserve) in Paris accompanied by a Boiron ambassador. The trip must be completed by December 31, 2015, or Grand Prize Winner forfeits the Grand Prize in its entirety. Approximate Retail Value (ARV of the Grand Prize travel package: $5,760.  Rules here

** Ends 4/30/15  Enter the WD 40 Specialist Xtreme Machine Giveaway for a chance to win an off-road modified 1990 Jeep Wrangler, valued at $30,000 USD.  http://wd40giveaway.com http://j.mp/1xSieW7

** End Date Unknown: http://tinyurl.com/q2ob9zx

End Date Unknown:  Win Russell Hobbs Kitchen Gadgets!  https://www.facebook.com/RussellHobbsUS/app_337586032998675  

Ends Date Unknown:  facebook.com/SunocoRacing/app_143103275748075

End Date Unknown:  https://www.facebook.com/Denizen/app_328153787221046


Enter the giveaways listed HERE every Wednesday in "Win it Wednesdays!"  

And enter to win the giveaways listed HERE every Friday in "Fan Fridays!"


Enter to win the following giveaways ONCE PER MONTH:

*** Ends 12/31/15  Win $5K & more!  There are two ways to get an entry to the Sweepstakes: the “Online Method” and the “Alternate Method.”  Under the Online Method, you will get one Entry into the Sweepstakes when you complete the following three steps during the Promotion Period: (1) go HERE, (2) then complete the Entry Form by providing accurate and complete information, and (3) respond to each of the survey questions. - OR - Under the Alternate Method, you will get one Entry into the Sweepstakes without responding to the survey questions by completing, during the Promotion Period, the Entry Form which can be accessed by clicking HERE.  There are also links to the Entry form at the bottom of every page of each of the Websites.  There is an overall limit of twelve (12) Entries for the Sweepstakes per person, regardless of the Entry method.

Continuing:  http://www.justborn.com/mike-and-ike/funngames/spinnwingame  INSTANT WIN PRIZES: (1,000) Prizes will be awarded per month throughout the promotion period. Winners will each receive a 1.8 oz. package of MIKE AND IKE® Brand Candy/

** Continuing:  http://www.esteelauder.com/promotions/sweepstakes.tmpl

** Continuing:  http://www.motorz.tv/win-tools/  Win Craftsman Tools!

** Continuing:  http://www.esteelauder.com/promotions/sweepstakes.tmpl  Each month the Grand Prize winner will receive a $350 Estee Lauder online shopping spree! 

Continuing:  https://www.scottbrand.com/products/naturals-secret-swap

Continuing:  facebook.com/motorztv/app_144231652369872 Win a $50 Gas Card!

End Date Unknown. Enter to win a $2,000 Safi Kilima Shopping Spree from Diamonds International! Enter once per month. A new winner each month will be announced around the 20th of each month. http://www.diamondsinternational.com/shoppingspree


Enter the following ONLY ONCE (not instant wins), but several let you earn extra extries by referring others, &/or sharing/tweeting:

Ends 3/1/15 Win $5,000, $1,000 and more.  Note: To qualify for the GRAND Prize drawing of $5K, entrant must have completed all three sections of the sweepstakes (RECIPE, PHOTO AND QUIZ). To qualify for the $1K, entrant must complete two sections. THREE STEPS TO ENTER for everything: 1) Take the quiz HERE. 2) Select two recipes HERE. 3) Submit an olive photo HERE.  PDF rules here.

Ends 3/1/15  Enter To #WIN a 4 Night Round Trip Cruise For 2 with the @LiveWellLabs New Year, New YOU #Giveaway. http://virl.io/SDeBaDK

Ends 3/10/15 Enter the “My big fat Greek holiday w/ a twist of Turkey” to win a 9 day cruise & stay for two to Greece & Turkey!  http://bit.ly/1EGxrMZ

Ends 3/31/15 Win a Sea Ray 19 SPX model series boat & trailer! A $30,000 value. http://searay.com/page.aspx/pageid/162462/spx-sweepstakes.aspx  Rules here.

Ends 4/2/15   Enter the Essential Elements Nutrition “Drop the Pounds” Giveaway for a chance to win cruise travel vouchers for a 5 night cruise to anywhere for 2 (value of $750 per person).  Plus, three (3) winners will be randomly selected once a month for a chance to win a 3-months supply of Essential Elements Nutrition’s Garcinia Cambogia supplements.  http://virl.io/KLrHUKR

Ends 4/30/15  Enter the 2014-2015 GoPro of the World Line of the Winter Contest for a chance to win $20,000 cash in the grand draw or a monthly prize of $1,000. TODAY is the LAST DAY to submit your video entry for this month. Single Entry. Giveaway ends April 30, 2015. Enter at http://lineofthewinter.com/entries/ Rules at http://lineofthewinter.com/rules/

Ends 6/30/15  Enter the Chevy Blackhawks Themed Camaro Convertible Giveaway for a chance to win a 2015 Chevy Chicago Blackhawks Themed Camaro Convertible. Approximate Retail Value of the prize is $45,000.  OPEN ONLY TO LEGAL RESIDENTS OF ILLINOIS, INDIANA & WISCONSIN, 18 YEARS OF AGE OR OLDER. VOID OUTSIDE ILLINOIS, INDIANA, & WISCONSIN, AND WHERE PROHIBITED.  Enter to win HERE.

Win a FREE 3 Night Getaway to the Gulf Coast!  http://woobox.com/3z92ne/cqrtf8

Ultimate Christmas Gift Giveaway!  http://woobox.com/borgjz/cqrriw

End date unknown:  Automatically be entered to win $250 CASH when you sign-up for COMPLETELY FREE Monthly Monitoring from Credit Sesame at http://csesa.me/?r=HKjlq4Uqn *More information about it here. Also, earn $ by referring friends! NO credit card needed! I personally use this service, and LOVE IT! It's one of my favorites! 




http://pinterest.com/1frugalm0m/enter-to-win/ and

http://contestchest.com/?referred_by=36478  and


Also, another way to locate more giveaways is by searching Twitter by keywords like #win#giveaway , #sweepstakes, #EnterToWin#InstantWinGames, and etc.



Be sure to check back daily b/c I'll be adding new giveaways as I find them!

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If you're following me on this giveaway list, I also invite you to follow me on my personal account (HERE) as well, because that's where you'll see the newly added giveaways as I enter to win them myself  and determine if they'll make it to this list or not.  Also, I use Instagram mainly to enter photo contests. Follow along & enter to win w/ me. It's fun, and we could win some cool prizes!  http://instagram.com/1frugalmom

** Just marked for my purposes b/c they're the ones I'm interested in entering myself. When I'm flying through the list, and don't have time to enter all of the giveaways, I'll at least enter the ones that are marked w/ the pink (and/or black), double, and/or triple, asterisks. 

For ways to save $, earn extra cash, & score freebies, click here!

If you love FREEBIES, Coupons, DIYs, GIVEAWAYS, & Saving $$ & Earning Cash, as much as I do, stay connected via: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube, & Instagram!

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"FAN FRIDAY!" Enter to win these giveaways every FRIDAY!

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"FAN FRIDAY!" Enter to win these giveaways every FRIDAY!  Many of these "Fan Friday" Giveaways require you to enter by a certain time (usually between noon and 4 p.m.) so don't delay too long if you're looking to win!  Good luck!  **And for my HUGE list of FREE, DAILY INSTANT WIN GAMES, and SWEEPSTAKES, click HERE!  Again, good Luck! 


























http://www.facebook.com/GlossyBox.com/app_150794994973742 *requires newsletter

https://www.facebook.com/StocknGo/app_28134323652  *Not every Friday.

https://www.facebook.com/violentlips  Look for post every Friday.

https://www.facebook.com/jonestshirts  They will make a post each week.

https://www.facebook.com/NIVEAusa  *Not every Friday.

https://www.facebook.com/olay  *Not every Friday.

http://www.facebook.com/perfumania  Goes live at noon EST.

https://www.facebook.com/fatbraintoys/app_265836276779761 (every Tues., & Fri.)

http://www.facebook.com/BOOKIT1985 Check their wall for a different entry link each Fri.

https://www.facebook.com/hanes/app_248545431880106  *Not every Friday.


https://www.facebook.com/edwardsdesserts?sk=app_527910717251225  Ends 12/20/13.

http://www.facebook.com/SuperShoesStores During Summer time only.




Posted by 1FrugalMom on September 30, 2012 at 2:25 AM Comments comments (1)

The majority of my readers enjoy giveaways the most! So I want to share two cool sites that I discovered are great places to FIND (and list if you're a blogger) CURRENT GIVEAWAYS!!

The 1st site is Contest Chest.  And the 2nd site Online-Sweepstakes.com.  Everything is well organized on both sites making it easy to find exactly what you're looking for, so check them out, and enter to win some awesome giveaways!  Good luck! 

Below are some of the most popular giveaway items: 

Located on Contest Chest:  Cash, Cars, Vacations, "Best" Sweepstakes, "Highest Rated"

Located on Online-Sweepstakes:  Kindle FireiPad 2CashGift CardsTop 100Index 

Also, check out PrizePeople to win even more prizes!  You can even enter tons of sweepstakes every day with just a single click!  Click HERE for more info!

And be sure to check out my list of favorite GIVEAWAYSFREEBIES & COUPONS!

For other great GIVEAWAYS, FREEBIES & COUPONS, click HERE!!!


Enter to Win Estee Lauder's Monthly Sweepstakes!

Posted by 1FrugalMom on April 20, 2012 at 4:00 AM Comments comments (3)

Each month the Grand Prize winner will receive a $350 Estee Lauder shopping spree at http://www.esteelauder.com!  To enter to win, click HERE!

ENTRY PERIOD = Sweepstakes starts at 12:01AM on the first day of each month and ends at 11:59 PM ET on the last day of the month.

For other great GIVEAWAYS, FREEBIES & COUPONS, click HERE!!!

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