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The Kindness Rocks Project

Posted by 1FrugalMom on July 6, 2017 at 8:55 PM Comments comments (10)

(The above photo is my family's 1st batch of painted rocks sent out into the world.)

Have you stumbled across any painted rocks lately?  You may have noticed them popping up all over the United States and beyond.   Many towns across America are participating in "The Kindness Rock Project."  Painted rocks from the U.S. have been discovered overseas in Buxton, England (<-- click the link, you've got to see it)in Manchester England, Russia (see here & here), Rota, Spain, San Sebastián, Spain, and more!  The rocks are painted and "hidden" where others can discover them, in the hopes of bringing happiness & joy to people.

Many of the rocks are decorated with inspirational words, quotes, phrases, and/or pictures. Some are funny. They'll all bring a smile to your face.  Many people painting the rocks say that doing so is very therapeutic because it's calming, and relaxing. It's exciting to both hide and discover the painted rocks. When you hide, or re-hide, the rocks, you wonder whom will discover them and how far they will travel, all the while hoping they will brighten many people's days along the way. And finding painted rocks is pretty exciting, too!  Kids, teens, adults, and seniors, alike, are all getting involved.  It's fun for the whole family! 

Local Facebook Rock Group Pages have popped up enabling members to post pics of the rocks and share their last known locations. It's wonderful to see all the posts of all the people's days that were touched by a random act of kindness. In just a couple short months, the #PensacolaRocks Facebook page, located here, has grown to nearly 30K members. The movement has become so popular that even local businesses are participating. Business are setting up rock painting stations, and/or rock trading post/stations, and some are even offering free rocks to the public!

Our local Home Depot is just one of the many businesses participating (Pace & N. Davis); they have tables set up with supplies and free rocks with a sign that asks customers to tag them with their hashtag (see it here). Many smaller mom/pop boutiques and stores are also participating and have even advertised that they have their own painted rocks hidden throughout their stores and towns with discounts and promo codes on the back for customers.  Click here for an example from a local photographer.  

(Photo credit: Pensacola Police Department - Photo found here.) 

Even our local law enforcement is participating!  You can go to the Pensacola Police department to trade your painted rocks for some painted by law enforcement, in law enforcement themes.  How cool is that?!  Rock yards, landscaping businesses, arts & craft supply stores, and many more, are also participating, too! "Rock Painting Parties" hosted by local businesses are popping up everywhere, many of them are free! Some local rock swap meets have also been coordinated. Call around and see what's being offered in your area, and check your local Facebook pages for info, too.  

If you come across a painted rock, there are many ways to participate. The artists would love if you posted a photo online of the rocks you find, and where you found them, and if you're going to keep or rehide them. Many people either rehide right away, or enjoy for a week or two, then rehide to send it along it's way for others to enjoy. So where do you post the pics of the rocks you've found? Well, look on the back of the rock, and there will likely be a hashtag, or a mention of a place where to post photos of found rocks. I use the hashtags: #1FrugalMomRocks, #1FMR, and #PensacolaRocks, on the rocks I paint. And my local FB groups paint things like the following on the back of their rocks, "Post pic on FB: Pensacola Rocks," "FB: Pace/Milton Rocks," and "KindnessRocks."  I warn you though, this hobby is addictive!  

Before you know it, you'll be following not only your own rocks, but those rocks you've discovered & re-hidden along the way.  Some of the art work is absolutely amazing! And many of the inspirational messages have been reported by finders to come at the right time with just the right message to brighten their day.  Another way to participate is if you come across a "quilt rock" which is sectioned off into squares or rectangles. If you discover one of these, decorate one blank square or rectangle and rehide the rock for the next person. Don't forget to take pics and post them if you're able.  If you've found one of my family's rocks, we would love to know it!  Please comment and/or post a pic here, or post a public pic online w/ the hashtag #1FMR. :)

(Image Source: Here)

Your local Facebook Groups are also a great place to share information about materials recommended (paints, markers, pens, sealants & etc.), processes & methods used, local deals found on supplies, tips & hints, plus sharing local stories from those participating. It's a great way to meet your neighbors, make new friends, and discover new places and things, within your community.

It's wonderful to see families walking in the parks, observing nature, while playing hide and seek with rocks, instead of chasing digital Pokémon or whatever while staring at their electronic devices. Now kids are looking in planters, next to trees, around parks, churches, buildings, by lamp posts & benches, at the beach, piers, and more, taking in the world around them, instead of escaping into a video game.

**Note: It is not recommend to hide rocks anywhere where a lawn mover, weed eater, or such, could possibly strike a rock, potentially throwing it, and causing damage or injury. It is also suggested that you only hide rocks outside of businesses, unless you've checked first and have permission to hide them inside of the business(es).  And never take rocks, painted or otherwise, out of a garden or landscaping, nor off of private property, no matter where the rock is located.  

Get a great & free ROCK PAINTING TIPS FOR BEGINNERS.pdf, courtesy Susan Žampachová of the Facebook Pensacola Rocks Group.

If you're in the Pensacola, Florida, and surrounding areas, here's some places to get free rocks, and awesome deals on rocks & supplies:

Pinelands Nursery - 8365 Hwy 90, Milton, FL, 32583. (850) 632-0602 - Pick your own rocks for $8.50 for a big 50 lb. bag you fill! #PaceMiltonRocks

Woerner Landscape & Pet Supply - 1332 Creighton Rd., Pensacola, FL, 32504 - "Like" their Facebook page & get 1 lb free rocks you pick! *Update.

R & L Rockyard - 9492 Pensacola Blvd., Pensacola, FL 32534. (850) 479-0712 - Bring a painted rock and receive free rocks you pick!

McDirt Industries, Inc. - 5570 Bellview Ave., Pensacola, FL 32526. (850) 944-0112 - Bring a painted rock and receive free rocks you pick!

Local trading posts:  The OTHER Place on Dogwood in Milton, S&K Boutique on Hwy 90 in Pace, Pea Ridge Flea market , Aylssa's, Flea Market Antiques, Pace DANCE Studio, Penny Lane Market Place, Home Depot in Pace & on N. Davis, Woerner's Landscape on Creighton, the Pensacola Police Department, A Bead & Crystal House on Garden St., Foosackly's on Mobile Hwy., Home Field Cards & Games on New Warrington, Joanne's Fabrics on Davis Hwy., Newks on Bayou Blvd., Crabs on the beach, Shaela Rae's Vinyl Boutique on Mobile Hwy., Tots, Teens & In-Betweens on Navy, Town & Country Boutique on Gulf Beach Hwy., Time & Time Again on Antiques on 9th Ave., Warrington Jeweler on Barrancas Ave., Penny Lane Marketplace in Milton, McDirt in Pensacola, and Brandi's Cottage on Hwy 90 in Cantonment.

Some popular local places to find painted rocks include:  Palafox Pier, Wahoo Stadium, Veteran's Fountain Park, MLK Plaza, Bartram Park, Downtown Pensacola, near & around public places like Walmart, Target, Home Depot, Lowes, Churches, parks, fast food places, parking lots, & etc.  

If you have anything you would like to add to this list, please feel free to contact me, and/or leave a comment below.  Also, check out this great news story from one of our local stations, called "...bringing smiles to Pensacola with painted rocks," click HERE for story & video.

(Photo Credit: FB: The Kindness Rocks Project)

"One simple message at just the right moment can change someone's entire day...outlook...life! #bekindtooneanother #thekindnessrocksproject." ~The Kindness Rocks Project

"The Kindness Rocks Project was created to spread inspiration and a moment of kindness for unsuspecting recipients through random inspirational rocks dropped along the way...

...Each of us can make a positive difference. Together we can make a positive IMPACT!"  ~The Kindness Rocks Project

For more info about The Kindness Rocks Project, and how it began, visit http://thekindnessrocksproject.com/how-it-all-began.

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DIY Chip Clips from Recycled Hangers!

Posted by 1FrugalMom on August 24, 2014 at 10:45 PM Comments comments (0)
Frugal Tip of the Day! Never buy chip clips again! Recycle disposable hangers into chip clips! Use to keep items securely closed. I use mine on cereal bags, chip bags, crackers, bread, dog food bags, everything! To make cutting the ends off easier, I use my garden sheers/lobber.

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Carved Pumpkin Safety Tip: Use a Glow Stick instead of a Candle!

Posted by 1FrugalMom on October 13, 2013 at 6:15 PM Comments comments (0)

TIP: Use a glow stick w/ stand to light your carved pumpkin instead of a dangerous lit candle.  I love this!  What a genius idea!  I found this one at Target for just ONE DOLLAR!  Whoot!  RePin this post here.


For tons of Halloween ideas, crafts, costumes, and recipes, visit http://www.pinterest.com/1frugalm0m/halloween/


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Rooting Basil Clippings to Create New Plants!

Posted by 1FrugalMom on June 7, 2013 at 8:50 AM Comments comments (0)

Did you know...1) Basil is a natural insect repellent! It smells nice, is great to eat & cook with, has many health benefits, and keeps pesky mosquitoes (and other insects) away, too!

Did you know... 2) Basil clippings can be rooted to grow new plants. Pictured here is mine after just two short weeks. My clippings have rooted well, in just a cup of water - nothing else, and are ready to be planted.

See more of my apartment garden photos at http://tinyurl.com/poe9qn7

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Growing Garlic from Table Scraps!

Posted by 1FrugalMom on June 5, 2013 at 8:35 AM Comments comments (13)
Did you know?  1) you can easily grow garlic from table scraps!  2) the young leaves can also be eaten!  They have a nice, mild, garlic (almost onion like) type tasty flavor.

That's right, you can eat the leaves much like you would green onions or chives!  Cut a little bit off, and toss it into your salad (or pasta, dip, soup, etc.), or onto a baked potato, or whatever you like.  Just don't eat them all, b/c if you leave some length, you can later braid your garlic after it's harvested & dried, which makes a neat & convenient storage display.  Garlic is EASY to grow (and can be grown in all zones), and as you can see below, it grows quickly, too!  And the health benefits are numerous!  Garlic is a staple in our household; we love it, and use it in many recipes.

Below are some step by step photos of my garlic being grown from table scraps:

Notes:  I used an inexpensive American organic garlic bulb from my local grocery store which only cost about $0.50 cents.  I separated the cloves, and planted them tips up, and flat parts down (where the roots will develop).  Garlic likes full sun, and being well drained.  Each clove planted will produce a bulb (of about 12 - 20 cloves).  Want more info?  I found the following post, here, to be very informative.

p.s. The "pot" in the photos, is actually a recycled gallon tin can that I picked up from Papa John's Pizza for FREE!  It was used to hold marinara sauce before I cleaned it out, drilled holes in it for drainage, and painted it.  It was left over from a previous project I made, a DIY Hanging Garden.  To see what else I have in my apartment garden, click here.

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DIY Hanging Garden! Perfect for Small Spaces!

Posted by 1FrugalMom on May 24, 2013 at 11:45 AM Comments comments (0)


Here's my DIY Hanging Garden (click here for "how-to" step-by-step photos).  I just added some flowers, herbs, and seeds.  It's perfect for our small apartment.  I added purple plants ("Purple Heart Wandering Jew" I believe) to the top yellow cans/pots b/c our favorite team is LSU and their colors are purple and gold, so we're showing a little team spirit!  If you made this project last year when I posted about it (here), I'd love to see your photos!  And yes, that is an old popcorn tin (on the bottom left) from last Christmas that I'm now using as a planter, lol.  Recycle, Reuse, and Reduce!  The DIY concrete planter is a nice space saver, too.  And it's perfect for me to step onto when I need to check on, or water, my seedlings in the tin(s) above my head.  To see more of my apartment garden photos, click here


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Do-It-Yourself Projects, Crafts, Recipes, Ideas & More!

Posted by 1FrugalMom on February 13, 2013 at 1:15 AM Comments comments (0)

Simply follow the links, which will take you to photo albums filled with pictures of projects, then click an individual image to enlarge it, and get more information. *You do NOT need a Facebook, nor a Pinterest, account to view any of the items below.

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Crockpot Ideas










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Easy DIY, Space Saving, Braided Avocado Seedling Starter!

Posted by 1FrugalMom on September 15, 2012 at 2:35 PM Comments comments (1)

Young avocado trees have thin stems/trunks, so I decided I wanted to braid them like braided ficus trees. And I couldn't decide if I wanted a three, or four, braid, tree, so I decided to attempt both.  And because avocados are in season, and on sale this time of year, I decided I'd get some extras just in case I got some duds.


The problem was that I didn't want a bunch of little cups holding all my seeds separately. I live in an apartment, and space is limited. Plus, I didn't really like the idea of poking the seeds with toothpicks to suspend them in the cups of water. So pictured below is what I came up with, and it allows me to hold/grow up to four seeds, at one time, per container!


I used some empty Parmesan cheese containers. First I outlined the holes using a quarter as a rough guide. The holes will actually end up needing to be a little bigger than the size of the quarter. Make sure the holes are large enough so the seeds are not too tight. If the seeds are too tight in the hole, they will not be able to split open and let the plant grow (see pic below). If you accidentally cut the holes too large, no problem, you can still use the toothpicks if needed (i cut mine shorter).  Also, I added an extra smaller hole in the center of the larger holes that will hold the seeds so that I can easily add more water as needed without opening the lid.  Place the avocado seeds flat side down, pointy side up.

Have you ever tried braiding trees?!  If so, I'd love to hear about your experiences!  


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Keep Milk Fresh Longer With Baking Soda!

Posted by 1FrugalMom on September 14, 2012 at 12:10 AM Comments comments (7)
Add half a tablespoon of baking soda to a new, freshly opened, gallon of milk to make it last twice as long!  The baking soda reduces the acidity, and slows down spoilage.  I normally pour a cup of milk out to drink (this gives room to shake the gallon up after adding the baking soda), then add one tablespoon of baking soda to the gallon, and give it a good shaking.  And no, I cannot taste any diffence.  :-)  

Also, the refrigerator door is generally NOT the coldest place (b/c it's exposed to warm room temperature air each time the door is opened), so milk should be stored in the body of your fridge (as far back as possible).  And did you know... milk can be frozen!  Just use a little out of the container to give room for expansion.  

The next time you find a great deal on milk, stock up using these tips!  

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