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FREE, Fun, Santa Activities for Kids!!!!

Posted by 1FrugalMom on December 1, 2015 at 8:45 PM Comments comments (1)

Create a FREE personalized video message from Santa! (#1) -->  A real "must-do" for kids!  These are great!  My son loves them!  I make him one every year (they change it each year)!  It's too cute!  And a real must do! ---> http://www.portablenorthpole.tv/home  **This one is our favorite!

Create a FREE personalized video message from Santa! (#2) ---> Be sure to choose the free option when signing up, and skip all of the upgrade offers (scroll all the way to the bottom of the page to get your video for free on the last page).  There is approximately a one hour delay before your video will be read to be watched.  This onw is a little spammy, but legit.  http://afreevideofromsantaclaus.packagefromsanta.com/

Get a FREE phone call from Santa at --> http://www.sendacallfromsanta.com/

*Note: Enter an adult's birthdate (not your kids), or it won't work.

FREE personalized phone call from Santa (#1) ---> https://santatracker.google.com/#callfromsanta

FREE personalized phone call from Santa (#2) --->  http://www.christmasdialer.com/

Call Santa and leave him a voicemail at 1-855-34-SANTA (855-347-2682) It's Toll Free.

Call Santa & leave him your wish list! Santa asks your child for their wish list and tells them to be good and listen to their parents. Simply call 1 (951) 262-3062.

FREE Santa Tracker #1 (from NORAD) --->  http://www.noradsanta.org/  You can also call the NORAD Tracks Santa Operations Center at 1 877 HI-NORAD (1 877 446-6723) to talk directly to a NORAD staff member who will be able to tell you Santa’s exact location.  Operators are available until 3:00a.m. on Dec. 25th to answer your calls.

FREE Santa Tracker #2 (from Google) ---> http://www.google.com/santatracker/

Get a FREE letter from Santa here ---> http://www.smilebox.com/offers/santa-letter/index.html

Create a FREE printable letter from Santa at http://www.freefunchristmas.com/santa-letters/

Create a FREE personalized holiday song w/ JibJab here ---> http://sendables.jibjab.com/holidays

FREE Elf yourself (create up to 5 Elves) at ---> http://www.elfyourself.com/

FREE Elf yourself from OfficeMax!  http://host-d.oddcast.com/elfyourself2012/home.php

Are you on Santa's good list?!  To find out, check here ---> http://www.santasgoodlist.org/

Create an "I caught Santa in our home" photo!  There are a couple of sites that do this: 1) http://icaughtsanta.com/ 2) http://www.capturethemagic.com/  Please note:  Proofs are FREE, but to have one without the watermark costs.

The North Pole Times - Santa's Official News Source ---> http://www.northpoletimes.com/

The little ones will LOVE this one!  Check out Santa's LIVE Reindeer CAM!  And watch as Santa feeds his reindeer each day at http://reindeercam.com/  Santa feeding times posted here.  

Re-PIN THIS post HERE!  And be sure to share with your family and friends so all the little kids have a chance to enjoy the holiday fun!  :-)

Click HERE for more great Christmas activities, crafts, ideas, recipes, and more!  And if you have any you'd like to share that you don't already see on this list, please comment below.  Thank you!

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Snugg Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Review & GIVEAWAY!

Posted by 1FrugalMom on August 13, 2013 at 11:10 PM Comments comments (19)

If you're looking for a wireless keyboard for your iPad, check out the Snugg Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard & Case.  It's attractive and well designed.  It has an aluminum/chrome looking finish that nicely compliments your device.  And it's extremely easy to pair and use! 

Plus, it doesn't require any batteries (it has a built-in rechargeable lithium battery).  The keyboard charges via a standard USB cable, which is included, and holds a charge for a remarkable amount of time (55 straight hours of continuous use, or 60 days standby time); and when depleted, can be fully charged again quickly in less than five hours.  And if you're like me, you'll agree that it's nice having the use of arrow keys, and quick short-cut keys, which this keyboard provides.


When I received my Snugg wireless keyboard, it only took about 45 minutes to fully charge out of the box.  And pairing it w/ my device(s) was a breeze, and took less than one minute!  I was amazed how quickly, and easily, the keyboard paired with my devices.  I even made a short video with my 10 year old son demonstrating how quick & easy it is to set-up (click here to view that video), proving it's so easy that even a young child can do it!  I paired it with both my iPad and my iPhone, and have been pleased.  

I found this keyboard to be handy around the house; and I imagine that it's even handier for the traveler on the go.  The three things I like most about it are: 1) It's easy to type on.  The keys are raised, and spaced a comfortable distance apart.  2) In addition to being used with our iPad, it can also be used w/ my iPhone (and iPods), too.  3) The remote distance on it is fantastic (up to 10 meters, or over 32+ feet), and thus can be used while our iPad remains in it's protective case.  


The Snugg Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard & Case features the following

- Lightweight (280gm) & close fitting - not bulky

- Aluminium finish w/ white keys

- Operating distance of 10 meters (over 32 feet)

- iPad slots into the top of the keyboard & connects via bluetooth

- Accepts keyboard shortcuts & includes a home screen button

- Built-in automatic sleep/wake function

- Long lasting rechargeable lithium battery w/ 60 days standby time

- Easy to pair w/ the iPad 2, 3, & 4, iPhone 3G, 4, 4S & 5, & iPod touch

- Can connect to any device w/ an iOS 4 or higher

- Comes w/ USB charging cable

Thanks to the generous people at Snugg, one of my lucky readers will WIN their very own Brand New Snugg Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Case!  Simply ENTER TO WIN HERE!!!  Enter daily to earn extra entries!

The Snugg Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard & Case can be purchased on Amazon here, and/or on Snugg's website here.  For more info (and possible discounts), follow Snugg on Facebook and Twitter.

Re-Pin this post HERE. 

** Giveaway open to continental U.S. residents only, 18+, and will run from 8/14 through 9/2/13.  This giveaway is brought to you by AdvertiseWithBloggers.com and TheSnugg.com.  1FrugalMom is not responsible for prize fulfillment.  Sponsor will ship directly to the winner.  Winner will receive one Snugg Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard/Case (iPad NOT included)!    

Disclosure: I received a Snugg Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard/Case at no charge to test & review.  As always, all opinions are 100% my own, & genuine.  My full disclosure policy can be found here.  

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Enter to Win 1 of 15 Prize Packs & a $250 Gift Card!

Posted by 1FrugalMom on July 16, 2013 at 10:45 PM Comments comments (9)


Pendaflex, the genius creators of the awesome Ampad Versa Crossover that I previously reviewed, are currently having a huge giveaway right now!  Don't miss out!  

If you could learn anything, what would it be?  Enter the "Never Stop Learning" sweepstakes from the generous people at Pendaflex for your chance to win a $250 American Express gift card to put toward making your dream come true!

Pendaflex is giving away 15 huge ‪prize packs‬!  Plus, one lucky winner will also receive‬ a $250 Amazon ‪‎Gift Card‬!  Stop by Pendaflex's Facebook Fan Page, and tell them I sent you, then enter to win their giveaway at www.facebook.com/pendaflex/app_600012236697447  

Re-Pin this post here.    ENTER TO WIN HERE!!!  

"PRIZES: The Major Prize Winner will receive a AMEX Gift Card (valued at $250.00) and a Pendflex Prize pack (“Prize Pack”;) consisting of one (1)13 pocket expanding file with sliding cover (sku 02327); one (1) Desk free hanging organizers (sku 52897); five (5) Poly File Jackets (sku 50990); one (1) Pilesmart project sorters (sku 50995); one (1) 20EX Electric Stapler (sku 73126); two (2) Versa notebook: small (sku 25-635); two (2) EZ Flag Writing Pad (sku 20-325); one (1) pack of two Index Cards: Color Coded, 3x5 (sku 04753); one (1) Index Card Box, black plastic, 3x5 (01351); 1 (1) pack of ten Extra Wide Clear Front Report Covers (sku 5354023X); one (1) pack of five Custom Card Folio (sku 50682). The Minor Prize Winners will each receive a Prize Pack."

*One entry per person.  Giveaway ends 7/27/13.   

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Growing Garlic from Table Scraps!

Posted by 1FrugalMom on June 5, 2013 at 8:35 AM Comments comments (13)
Did you know?  1) you can easily grow garlic from table scraps!  2) the young leaves can also be eaten!  They have a nice, mild, garlic (almost onion like) type tasty flavor.

That's right, you can eat the leaves much like you would green onions or chives!  Cut a little bit off, and toss it into your salad (or pasta, dip, soup, etc.), or onto a baked potato, or whatever you like.  Just don't eat them all, b/c if you leave some length, you can later braid your garlic after it's harvested & dried, which makes a neat & convenient storage display.  Garlic is EASY to grow (and can be grown in all zones), and as you can see below, it grows quickly, too!  And the health benefits are numerous!  Garlic is a staple in our household; we love it, and use it in many recipes.

Below are some step by step photos of my garlic being grown from table scraps:

Notes:  I used an inexpensive American organic garlic bulb from my local grocery store which only cost about $0.50 cents.  I separated the cloves, and planted them tips up, and flat parts down (where the roots will develop).  Garlic likes full sun, and being well drained.  Each clove planted will produce a bulb (of about 12 - 20 cloves).  Want more info?  I found the following post, here, to be very informative.

p.s. The "pot" in the photos, is actually a recycled gallon tin can that I picked up from Papa John's Pizza for FREE!  It was used to hold marinara sauce before I cleaned it out, drilled holes in it for drainage, and painted it.  It was left over from a previous project I made, a DIY Hanging Garden.  To see what else I have in my apartment garden, click here.

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Tips to Winning Giveaways!

Posted by 1FrugalMom on April 12, 2013 at 4:20 PM Comments comments (6)


The secret to winning giveaways, is really no secret at all.  It's simple really: SIMPLY ENTER TO WIN!  If you don't enter, you can't win.  And the more you enter, the better your chances!  It's a numbers game.  Personally, I spend about an hour or more every single day entering giveaways.  I've made it a part of my daily routine.  It's a chore, but it pays off.  I win stuff all the time.  And sometimes the things are really nice!  If you put in the time and effort, you can win, too!


I've put together a huge list of FREE instant win games and sweepstakes that I update almost daily.  It takes me about an hour every day to enter everything on the list. I promise you that if you spend the time entering, and I don't just mean one time or one day, but if you make it a part of your regular routine and stick to it, you're sure to win!  Here's my huge list of giveaways -->  http://1frugalmom.webs.com/apps/blog/show/18384740-free-daily-instant-win-games-sweepstakes-  GOOD LUCK!!!  :D

In addition to entering frequently, and as much as possible, here are some more tips...

--  Check your email often! Many giveaways limit the time frame you have to claim your prize. And always check your spam/junk folders b/c many emails from companies go directly into that box.

--  To help locate winning notices, I recommend searching your email every few days by key words like: congratulations, congrats, you've won, you won, you win, potential winner, prize, fulfillment, and etc.  Be sure to check both your inbox, and your spam/junk folder, by those keywords.

--  Always follow the rules.  Never try to cheat or you could be disqualified.  For example, if the giveaway states "only one entry per household," trust me, they have ways of knowing where every entry came from, and if they received more than one entry from your IP address, you may lose your chance to win. 

--  In many cases, you'll only have to enter your info (name, address, etc) the 1st time entering. Then when you return to enter again each day after that, usually all you'll need to enter is the email address you originally used to signed-up.   However, in some cases, the entry forms require you to fill it out completely each time.  To save time, I use Google Chrome's auto-fill.  I believe FireFox may also offer autofill, too.  Use it!  It's a huge time saver!  It also helps if your email address is something that is easy for others, like a short word.  Mine is long, and it's a pain in the butt to type it out when required.  

-- It may help to have a separate, designated, email address just for entering sweepstakes b/c sometimes signing up for newsletters may be required, and/or you may receive a lot of "entry confirmation" emails, and a separate email address will help keep the possible clutter out of your personal box.  Just remember to check it frequently (and it's spam folder, too).  Also, another benefit of doing this, is that you'll know that any and all emails received in that email account are from your giveaway entries.

--  Unless you're truly interested in receiving emails from a that company, if you have the option to opt-out of a mailing listing, take it.  That means either checking or unchecking a box, or boxes, to stay off their mailing list.  Look closely.

--  If you're uncomfortable sharing your date of birth on the entry forms, you can fudge your date by a number or two. For example, if your birthday is 2/22/80, you could say your bday is 2/21/80, or 3/22/80, or 2/22/81, just change one digit that will be easy for you to remember. In most cases, they only request your DOB (date of birth) because you have to be above a certain age to participate.

--  The more effort required to enter a giveaway, the better your chances of winning b/c many others will not put forth the effort to enter. Giveaways like this include things like photo contests, jingle contests, recipe contests, and etc., that require action (instead of just clicking or filling out a short form). Personally, I've won some of my best prizes with giveaways that required a photo entry.

--  Use a FREE Google Voice Number, instead of your home/cell phone number, to have control over unwanted sales calls.  Google Voice Numbers can be forwarded to any other number you want, like your home or cell phone, or straight to voice mail (in which case you'll receive an email notification), so callers will never know it's not your real number (and you'll never miss a sweepstakes winning call).  Plus, Google Voice Numbers provide the option to BLOCK unwanted calls. So if/when you do get a sales call, you can always block that number to prevent further calls from that unwanted caller.  I LOVE Google Voice!  And I strongly suggest using it instead of your real/direct number(s).  Trust me, you'll thank me later.  

--  Click through to the end.  Make sure that you click all the way through to the end.  You want to see something that confirms that your entry has been received.  Sometimes the URL in your browser will also change and have an ending that says something like "thank you."

--  If you're entering a giveaway that's being ran by a company through a Facebook channel, and it's a photo that you have to "like," and/or comment on, and you've seen it in one of your friend's posts, be sure to click on it and actually "like," and/or comment on, it from the company's wall for it to count. Liking, and/or commenting on, it from your friend's post, doesn't count as an entry. Secondly, if the company is using an app to choose the winner, your odds will increase if you're more active than others on their post(s).  

In a nut shell:

1.)  Enter to win often!  Make it a part of your daily routine if possible.

2.)  Check email frequently.  And don't forget to also check spam/junk folders.

3.)  Routinely search your email by key "winning" announcement type words.

4.)  Make sure you follow the rules to prevent being disqualified.  This should really be #1.

5.)  Use auto fill.  I use Google Chrome's, it's free & easy.  I think FireFox offers it, too.

6.) Set-up a dedicated, short, email address just for giveaways.  And don't forget to check it often (along w/ it's spam folder).  And opt out of mailing lists to prevent email clutter.

7.) If you're concerned about providing your birthdate, change it by one digit.  

8.)  The harder the entry requirements, the fewer people will enter, which means a better chance of you winning.  Examples:  Photo contests, jingle contests, recipe contests, & etc.

9.)  Use a FREE Google Voice Number to avoid unwanted sales calls. 

10.)  Click through to the end & make sure to get confirmation that your entry was received.

11.)  When participating in giveaways ran through Facebook, make sure to do so through the original source by clicking on the photo that your friend shared and following the instructions on the photo from that company.  ** Liking, and/or commenting on, your friend's post, doesn't count as an entry.  You MUST do that on the ORIGINAL source.  


Have you won something?  Got any tips of your own?  Please comment below!

For more ways to score freebies & cash, click here!


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Win a $200 Credit Towards Any Tickets on ConcertTickets.com!

Posted by 1FrugalMom on April 1, 2013 at 2:35 AM Comments comments (7)

Special thanks to Blog with Mom & Adventures of My Family of 8 for this amazing giveaway!


Have you heard of the online market place for all your concert ticket needs, ConcertTickets.com? Well they are your home for the hottest concert tickets at the lowest prices!  As this concert season boasts numerous iconic artists touring throughout North America, 2013 is poised to be an unforgettable year for concert fans of every genre.   You can search by Artist, Show, or Venue, or even browse by City or State to see what is coming to your area!  And, don't forget to sign up for their daily emails to receive concert updates in your area! Don't miss out on FREE TICKET FRIDAYS - Every other Friday, during concert season, beginning on March 15, 2103, ConcertTickets.com will give one lucky fan $200 to be used towards the purchase of any tickets on ConcertTickets.com.


                           ConcertTickets.com Giveaway


     Prize: 1 lucky winner will win a $200 credit to http://www.concerttickets.com/


  • This giveaway will run from April 1-19th
  • All Mandatory Entries MUST be completed
  • All entries must be IN the entry form
  • All entrants must be 18 years or older and live in the US
  • See full disclosures in the entry form



*Prize disclaimer - credit good through 2013. It can be used 1 time, so all money must be used when purchase is made. With the $200, someone could purchase 4 - $50 tickets or use it towards a huge ticket purchase. Pretty much anything goes as long as it is done in one single purchase and used before the end of 2013.

**DISCLOSURE** 1FrugalMom is acting as an advertisement for the Sponsor and is not responsible for prize. This event is brought to you by Blog with Mom and Adventures of 8 through Advertise with Bloggers! If you are interested in sponsoring an event like this, please contact Advertise with Bloggers. Please note that the winner will be chosen via Random.org and contacted directly by ConcertTickets.com!

Be sure to also try your luck at my huge list of free daily instant win games & sweepstakes located at http://tinyurl.com/awj7wy6

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Win an Amazon Kindle Paperwhite eReader!

Posted by 1FrugalMom on March 29, 2013 at 7:55 PM Comments comments (16)


Play a quick word search game for a chance to win an Amazon Kindle Paperwhite eReader! Enter to win at http://bit.ly/XhMdXj.  Extra entries for referring others!  Ends 4/30/13.  

Be sure to also try your luck at my huge list of free daily instant win games & sweepstakes located at http://tinyurl.com/awj7wy6

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Posted by 1FrugalMom on February 27, 2013 at 8:00 AM Comments comments (11)

Below is a quick list of free daily instant win games & sweepstakes.  Clink on the links to get more information about each giveaway & enter to win!  Bookmark this page & return daily to try your luck!  Best wishes!  *Last updated on 11/06/2017.  






Try your luck at the following DAILY INSTANT WIN GAMES! 

*** Ends 11/30/17  bit.ly/2bBs6vC  VSP Vision Instant Win Giveaway - 1,600 Winners. Win Lens Cleaning Cloths or 100 Win a $100 Pair of Sunglasses. Grand Price $4,500 Travel Voucher, $500 Cash.

** Ends 11/30/17  https://maxwellhouse.promo.eprize.com/max/  $30 Gift Card Instant Win Giveaway From Maxwell House - Grand Prize International Trip.  Rules.

** End Date Unknown: http://welchsfruitsnacks.com/unrollthefun/

*** Continuing:  Various different instant win games & sweeps that continue to change at Dial Rewards.  Free to play.  No purchase necessary.  Enter to win HERE.  

** Continuing: vspenvisionsweepstakes.com/landing/login/ prizes change each month.

*** Continuing: http://www.prizestakes.com/sweepstakes/instant-win/

** End Date Unknown: powercode.grandrewards.com/index-desktop.html Win 5K & more.

** End Date Unknown - Continuing: http://www.pch.com/instant-win  and http://www.facebook.com/pch/app_297487583683781 and http://www.facebook.com/pch/app_170495356371702  While there, check out the page's other tabs to enter both their other instant win games and sweepstakes each day.

No End Date - Continuing INSTANT WIN GAMES: Enter daily up to 5 times by requesting 5 free entries each day in the "rules" where it says "see rules for details" after you click on the instant win game you want to play, then scroll down to section 5C and click where it says "click here" and enter the captcha. http://www.mycokerewards.com/instant-win-contests?


The following are NOT instant wins, but you can ENTER to win DAILY:

** Ends 11/30/17  command.com/3M/en_US/command/promotions/your-wish/  3M Command Prize Pack + $50 Gift Card Giveaway - 40 Winners.  Rules.

*** Ends 12/1/17  https://www.retailmenot.com/contests/

*** Ends 12/16/17  lovemycreditunion.org/SprintRewardsSweepstakes#rules  Enter a photo daily on Twitter and Instagram for a chance to win cash prizes.

*** Ends 12/26/17  #RoarkWasHere Win 1 of 4 adventure ready prize packs.  One grand prize winner will get a Mule 5-Day Pack stuffed with Roark goods worth $500.

*** Ends 12/28/17  driscolls.com/Sweeps/Share%20the%20Happiness  Three (3) prizes: one (1) Driscoll’s Berries for a Year package, awarded as a $260 Visa pre-paid card.  Rules.

*** Ends 12/31/17  https://www.totinosmasseffect.com/  Totino's Mass Effect Andromeda Video Game Giveaway - 100 Winners. Win a Mass Effect Video Game, Mass Effect Game Prize Pack or 10 Grand Prize Xbox One S Console Winners.  Rules.

***Ends 1/3/18  https://us.coca-cola.com/legal/55803/

*** Ends 1/4/18  driscolls.com/berrytogether/gallery  Rules.  One (1) Grand Prize: a Kitchenaid® Pro 600™ Series Quart Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer, valued at $599.99, a Kitchenaid® Professional-Grade Nonstick 5-piece Bakeware Set, valued at $99.00, and Berries for a Year, awarded as a $300.00 Visa® pre-paid card. ARV of Grand Prize: $998.99. Three (3) First Prizes: Berries for a Year, awarded as a $300.00 Visa® pre-paid card. Total ARV of all prizes in the Sweepstakes: $ 1,898.99.  Twitter and/or Instagram needed and tags: @driscollsberry #BerryTogether #Sweepstakes  Other contests here.

*** Ends 1/7/18  facebook.com/TripmastersTravel/app/448952861833126/  Win two round trip tickets to any of Delta Airlines' over 300 destinations worldwide.  2nd prize: $750, 3rd Prize: $500, 4th Prize $250. Submit your favorite original travel/vacation photos from anywhere in the world. Winner will be announced on 2/05/18.  You can submit as many photos as you want until the final submission date, share with your friends and vote for your favorites. 

* Ends 1/8/18  starbucksforlife.com/#board  Request free game plays here.

* Ends 1/15/18 Handcrafted Amish-Made Bird Feeder Giveaway - 25 Winners.  Enter here.

** Ends 2/4/18  Follow @HLNTV on Twitter or Instagram and share your tailgate scene for a chance to win 1 of 23 prizes. Follow @teamhln & post your photograph of a tailgate scene, tag your post with the hash tag #TUMSsweepstakes and tag your post with @TeamHLN.  Six (6) Prizes: a Supersonic 9″ Portable Widescreen LCD TV, and one TUMS branded Game Day Clear Stadium Bag. ARV: $113.65. Six (6) Prizes: a Yeti Hopper, and one TUMS branded Game Day Clear Stadium Bag. ARV: $353.99. Six (6) Prizes: iPad Mini 4, and one TUMS branded Game Day Clear Stadium Bag. ARV: $508.75. Five (5) Prizes: Mini Big Green Egg, and one TUMS branded Game Day Clear Stadium Bag. ARV: $545.  You may submit an Entry as often as you like, regardless of the entry method you choose, as long as each Entry is different.

*** Continuing: Log into Dial Rewards HERE. Giveaways change often. Multiple ones always available at any given time.

*** Continuing: http://prizegrab.com/prizes/popular/

* End Date Unknown -  Enter to win #barkeepersfriend  woobox.com/pmtkkj/hb0hik

* End Date Unknown  -  <TWEET>  I entered Choice Hotels® sweepstakes for the Ultimate Road Trip! #UltimateRoadTrip. Enter now & view official rules http://bit.ly/1TQUybd

* End Date Unknown - You have to feel it to believe it! Enter to WIN stylish comfort in our #PajamaJeans-a-Week #Giveaway! #Sweepstakes http://bit.ly/1TR0nW4

** Continuing: Win a $1,500 Saks Fifth Avenue Gift Card for a shopping spree. https://www.saksfifthavenue.com/html/email_popup/email_collect_popup_main.jsp

** Continuing: http://my.familycircle.com/sweepstakes/

*** Continuing: https://www.newbeauty.com/365/

*** Continuing: http://www.hgtvmagonline.com/sweepstakes

*** Continuing: http://www.travelchannel.com/sweepstakes

*** Continuing: http://www.shopyourway.com/app/2/l/

** Continuing: http://winit.intouchweekly.com/

** Continuing: http://womansday.hearstmobile.com/giveaways/

** Continuing: http://goodhousekeeping.hearstmobile.com/sweeps/

** Continuing: http://countryliving.hearstmobile.com/sweeps/

** Continuing: http://my.eatingwell.com/free-stuff/

** Continuing: http://my.fitnessmagazine.com/free-stuff/

Continuing: http://www.motorz.tv/win/

Continuing: http://visitmaine.com/themainethingsweeps/

** No End Date - http://www.facebook.com/BigPrize?v=app_228636177288  I suggest you check this link (or look for it on the left hand side of your Facebook "home" page under "apps") at least once a week to see if you've won b/c they give you about 7 (or maybe 10) days to claim your prize.  I was lucky enough to be one of their winners!  Good luck!

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Polar Pillow Review & Giveaway!

Posted by 1FrugalMom on January 8, 2013 at 5:50 PM Comments comments (137)


Alright!  Without further adieu, this is the Polar Pillow review and GIVEAWAY that I know many of you have been looking forward to!  And I'm super excited to tell you all about it!  What is Polar Pillow you ask?  "PolarPillow is an award winning cooling pillow that helps you sleep better so you can live better!" Polar Pillow (info sheet, PDF).

Before trying the Polar Pillow I read a lot about it and thought it was a pretty cool concept (lol no pun intended), and was very interested in trying it out.  What I didn't know then at that time was that the Polar Pillow would be life changing, and I would absolutely fall in love with it!

For YEARS, almost my entire life really, I've always struggled with sleep!  It usually takes me forever to fall asleep, and I usually wake up several times throughout the night.  And most of the time, I hardly ever wake up feeling refreshed. And I kid you not,  Polar Pillow has changed all of that!

With Polar Pillow, I fall asleep much more quickly, I sleep more soundly throughout the night, I wake up much less often, and I wake up feeling more refreshed!  It's awesome!  The hardest part for me has always been falling asleep in the first place, and Polar Pillow is just so cool and comfortable that it soothes me into relaxation and sound sleep quickly!  It's a dream come true!

In addition to all of that, Polar Pillow is saving me $, too!  Let me explain... My family and I need it to be very cold in our home to sleep at night. And seeing as we live in "The SunShine State" of Florida, as you can imagine, keeping a Southern home cold at night can be quite expensive!  And that's what first attracted me to Polar Pillow in the first place!  I was thinking, "hmm, if our body temperature feels cooler, maybe I can save on cooling costs."  And I was right!  It works!  We don't need to set the thermostat down as low to sleep at night anymore thanks to the Polar Pillow!  I'm so excited about that part!  I bet Polar Pillow pays for itself in no time!

Another exciting discovery that we happened upon by accident just though our personal use, is that the Polar Pillow has helped both my young son and I with our frequent headaches!  That alone is a God send!  I can also imagine how helpful Polar Pillow must be to those that suffer with hot flashes, night sweats, fevers, and etc.!  I should write a "thank you" letter to the Polar Pillow founder!  I don't know why no one thought of this product sooner!  Polar Pillow is pure genius!

Polar Pillow is literally life changing!  If you suffer with any sleeping issues, or if you just want a better night's rest, do yourself a huge favor, and purchase a Polar Pillow!  "You spend 30% of your life on a pillow...get the right one!" ~Polar Pillow!

Right now, the kind people at Polar Pillow are offering a 15% OFF discount to my readers when they place their orders & use promo code 1FRUGALMOM at check out! Plus, Polar Pillow is also currently offering FREE SHIPPING on all orders right now until February 2013!  What are you waiting for?!  "Love it or your money back!" ~Polar Pillow

EXCLUSIVE GIVEAWAY for 1FrugalMom Fans!  The extremely generous people at Polar Pillow are kindly giving away an awesome Polar Pillow to one of my lucky readers!  For your chance to win, ENTER HERE on the Rafflecopter Entry Form!  "A great day begins with a cool night!" Polar Pillow

Note: PolarPillow comes with a PolarPack, that can be frozen, and inserted inside the pillow to provide extra ALL-NIGHT cooling.  Polar Pillow states that "if used without the PolarPack, the pillow will still be cool on its own for approximately two hours of use.  After being used, PolarPillow's coolness will re-energize within 30 minutes of exposure to room-temperature conditions."   We personally found that the Polar Pillow remained cool enough for us all night long even without the PolarPack!  Click here http://www.polar-pillow.com/FAQ.cfm for answers to frequently asked questions about the Polar Pillow. View my brief video review HERE (if you can't see it below). 


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** Giveaway open to continental U.S. residents only, 18+, and ends on 2/3/13. 1FrugalMom is not responsible for prize fulfillment.  Sponsor will ship directly to the winner.

Disclosure: I received a Polar Pillow at no charge to test and review.  As always, all opinions are 100% my own, and genuine.  My full disclosure policy can be found here.

The Ampad Versa Crossover Notebook Review & Giveaway!

Posted by 1FrugalMom on December 3, 2012 at 4:50 AM Comments comments (34)

I'm excited to tell you about a new innovative notebook, The Ampad Versa Crossover Notebook by Pendaflex! "Write in it like a notebook. Move things around like a binder." It's awesome! I wish there would have been something like this available when I was in school. This notebook is a dream come true! It's everything I always wished for in a notebook, and so much more!  It conveniently, and securely, holds everything without being bulky!This notebook has been very well thought out, and designed! It takes organization to a whole new level! It's PERFECT for EVERYONE! It's perfect for everyone from students to professionals, and everyone in between! With it's versatility, and flexibility, it's sure to suit ANYONE's needs!

Some of the features include:

  • Ability to add, remove, & reposition, paper(s)
  • Repositionable dividers
  • Repositionable stick-on flags & stick-on notes
  • Dual pocket folder
  • Fold out pockets


Watch the short video below (if you can't see it, click HERE) to see this totally awesome notebook in action!  It's pure genius!  And you're sure to want one! 


You need Adobe Flash Player to view this content.

I've been using my Ampad Versa Notebook in my home office for a little over a week now, and I absolutely love it!  And I know you will, too! 

WIN IT!!!  The generous people at Pendaflex have also kindly provided one of their Ampad Versa Crossover Notebooks for one of my lucky readers, too!  Enter HERE on the Rafflecopter Entry Form for your chance to win this awesome notebook!  

Can't wait to win it?  You can purchase it HERE.  In addition to this awesome notebook, Pendaflex also has a bunch of other awesome products for all of your organizational needs! Check them out!

"Pendaflex makes organizational solutions with style and flow because we know you're busy, successful and on the go!  Our product engineers are obsessed with making office work easier, more organized and lasting. They look at every little detail - every hook, staple, folder and thread. They do their job so you can do yours." www.pendaflex.com


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Giveaway open world-wide.  Ends 12/31/12.  Winner will be announced on this page here, and in the Rafflecopter form, as well as on 1FrugalMom's Facebook Fan Page, and by email; and will have 48 hours to claim their prize, or a new winner will be drawn.  This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, nor associated with, Facebook.

Disclosure:  I was provided with an Ampad Versa Crossover Notebook by Pendaflex, at no charge to facilitate this review.  All opinions expressed are 100% genuine, and my own.

How to Staycation Like Royalty Without Breaking the Bank!

Posted by 1FrugalMom on October 10, 2012 at 9:30 AM Comments comments (6)

Over the last few years, staycations (vacationing at, or near, home), have become increasingly popular. Enjoying a staycation is a no-brainer for those of us lucky enough to live near beautiful vacation hot spots. And I'm about to share with you what I've discovered to be the very best place to stay on beautiful Pensacola Beach! Plus, I'm going to tell you how you'll get the most bang for your buck while living it up like a King on a Jester's budget!

Hands down, the VERY BEST place to stay on Pensacola Beach is the newly constructed & opened, award winning, Holiday Inn Resort, which is owned and managed by Innisfree Hotels.

I first discovered The Holiday Inn Resort shortly after their grand opening. They were hosting a free event in which they invited the local public to come down and join in the family fun. The place is totally awesome! We found paradise!

And while there, we also discovered that giveaways and contests were taking place on their Facebook Fan Page. Naturally, I started following their page. I even won a few things! And quickly discovered that their fan page, as well as their blog, are both extremely informative! By following them, I receive great updates about local activities & events in the area, plus current specials and promotions going on.

Speaking of special promotions... right now, The Holiday Inn Resort on Pensacola Beach is currently running a promotion called "Endless Summer," which offers discounts on room rates from now until the end of November.

And a little birdie told me that soon they'll be running a campaign on their Facebook fan page called "Grab the Moment," which will be offering last minute, super extremely discounted, room rates. So make sure you follow them on Facebook! You can follow them on Twitter, as well.

Also, right now you can enter to win a 5 Night BEACHFRONT Vacation GIVEAWAY on Florida's Gulf Coast!!! QUICK & EASY ENTRY HERE!  

As locals know, right now is the best time of the year to enjoy Florida's beautiful emerald waters, and stunning white sands, along the Gulf Coast! The weather is PERFECT! It's not too hot, and waters are still warm!  Plus, there are no crowds. And room rates are greatly discounted.  

Daytime is perfect for enjoying almost ANY outdoor activities, including swimming! And nighttime is perfect for strolling the beach and relaxing in their hot tubs! And the beds in the rooms are so incredibly comfortable, that you're sure to sleep as well as we did! 

Another great savings opportunity you have with any room at the resort is the fact that every room contains a microwave, little refrigerator, and coffee/tea maker, and free wi-fi.  Just imagine how much you can save with these items available, and conveniently located, inside your room!  And the wifi range is great!  It even works poolside near Riptides.

Another HUGE savings is the Lazy River Pool. Let me explain… their lazy river pool isn’t just shaped like a river, it really is a “river pool.” It has a strong current just like those ones at expensive water parks! And if you’ve ever been to one of those, then you know water parks normally charge more than $20 per person. So think how much you’ll save by not having to visit an expensive attraction because it’s built right into the resort and included for free with your stay! Read more about their amenities here.

The lazy river pool is my son’s absolute favorite part about the resort!  He is more than happy to stay in there ALL day & night!  It offers countless hours of fun & entertainment!  Matter-of-fact, my son prefers the lazy river pool over getting in the ocean.  He enjoyed swimming in it about 10 hours each day!  

What I like about it is that it’s located in the perfect spot. Everyone one can simultaneously enjoy different things while easily staying within view of each other. As a parent, I’m very pleased to be able to can keep an eye on my child in the lazy river pool while at the same time also being able to enjoy the hot tubs, ocean, and even poolside service from the resort’s restaurant, Riptides.

Riptides has some awesome items on their menu to choose from! My favorite is their “Piled High Tide Spinach & Artichoke Dip” made with beer batter cheese soup with fresh parmesan and served on a tasty muffalatta bun and tortilla chips! Mmmmm!! Oh my gosh, it’s soooooo gooooooood!!! Seriously, it’s the BEST I’ve ever had in my entire life! If you’re a “spin dip fan” like me, you do not want to miss this! Trust me, you will not be disappointed!

There are also two huge savings opportunities while dining at Riptides.

The first one is that kids always eat FREE! That’s right, always free! No matter what day of the week, no matter what time, no matter what meal, children under 12 enjoy eating for FREE at Riptides! This alone is a huge savings for many of us with kids!

Secondly, everyone can benefit from the fact that Riptides accepts Restaurant.com gift certificates which can be purchased for pennies on the dollar when on sale. They are often offered online at 80% off. For example, for just a dollar or two, you can purchase a $25 off Restaurant.com gift certificate that can be used at thousands of different locations, including Riptides! This is an awesome savings value for anyone!  Enter to WIN a $100 Restaurant.com eGift Card HERE!

While staying at the resort, you’ll also save tons on gas, and time, because you will not need to drive anywhere. Location is key, and The Holiday Inn Resort is in a prime spot! It’s centrally located within walking distance of everything you could need or want!

Just a short walk across the street is the new 360 Observation Wheel! And the sights from both the wheel, and from our room, were absoutely spectacular! We even saw dolphin from our room each morning!  

The new & amazing 360 Observation Wheel is one big boy that is bad to the bone awesome! Seriously! It’s fully enclosed, air conditioned, 17 stories high, and offers an absolutely spectacular view that you will not easily forget! You can see for MILES!

And I’ve heard that many people whom are afraid of heights were not afraid when they rode the 360 Wheel! I’m guessing that’s because it’s such a SMOOTH and comfortable ride! It was very stable and extremely enjoyable! I definitely recommend it!

Save more by following them on their Facebook Fan Page to get alerts for discounted ride tickets, and special promotions. Checking out the Wheel is a must do while you’re there! The ride was awesome and gave plenty of time to capture “that perfect shot” with your camera.


I cannot express it enough! Staying at The Holiday Inn Resort is PARADISE! It’s the perfect place to relax, recharge, and refresh! The whole entire family will be more than pleased! And you’ll have more time to enjoy your weekend holiday because you won’t be driving around on the go from one place to the next, thus saving not only precious time, but also your hard earned monies as well! I parked my car there on Friday evening, and didn’t move it again until we checked out Sunday afternoon. Because I wasn’t running around, I was able to spend more time relaxing! It was total bliss! 

The property is simply amazing! The amenities are fantastic!  The views are absolutely breath taking!  The service is excellent!  The staff is extremely friendly and helpful! They made us feel like they rolled out the red carpet for us!  And made us feel like the President/King of the World while staying there!  

Our experience at the Holiday Inn Resort was fantastically WONDERFUL!  Life long lasting treasured memories were created! And we’re looking forward to our next weekend getaway there soon! It’s the perfect escape after a busy week!  See more of my weekend staycation photos here.

Insider’s tips:

While staying at the Holiday Inn Resort, feel free to also visit their sister property, and next door neighbor, the Hilton. Many of my photos were taken from the outside balcony on the 17th floor of the Hilton looking down at the Holiday Inn Resort. The view will leave you speechless! And I was told that guests of the Holiday Inn Resort are welcome to also enjoy the pool at the Hilton, which has nice kiddie type water spouts, and poolside hammocks.  Both properties are located directly on Pensacola Beach with walkways just feet from each other that extend right out almost to the water’s edge. No long walks lugging gear in the sand because the walkways land you directly on the coast, just a few feet of sand before you hit the water! It’s ideal!

Comment on their Facebook wall during your stay to receive a free tote bag. And feel free to ask their virtual concierge any questions you may have.

Also, every Thursday on the Holiday Inn’s Facebook Fan Page they have “Random Acts of Fun” where you can win some cool prizes, like free tickets to ride the 360 Observation Wheel! So be sure to watch their wall every Thursday for your chance to win. Usually, they’ll post a photo, and you enter to win simply by commenting on it. It’s that easy! 

One last suggestion… Not only are the rates, crowds, and weather, better this time of year, but so is seashell and treasure hunting because of all the passing storms that have stirred things up and washed stuff ashore. So dust off those metal detectors and bring them on out! I heard a man found a gold diamond ring there just a week or two ago! Woo hoo! How exciting is that?!

If you’re local to the area, or live close by, do yourself a favor, and take advantage of these awesome bargains!  Come get your Toes in the Sand at the Holiday Inn Resort on Pensacola Beach!  You’ll be more than glad you did!

WARNING: You may not want to check-out once you've checked-in!  


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Special thanks to the following hosts: The Holiday Inn Resort Pensacola Beach, Riptides Sports Grill, and the 360 Observation Wheel, for sponsoring a perfect stay, delicious cuisine, and a totally wonderful experience!  As always, opinions are 100% genuine.  And I highly recommend the three!