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Easy DIY, Space Saving, Braided Avocado Seedling Starter!

Posted by 1FrugalMom on September 15, 2012 at 2:35 PM

Young avocado trees have thin stems/trunks, so I decided I wanted to braid them like braided ficus trees. And I couldn't decide if I wanted a three, or four, braid, tree, so I decided to attempt both.  And because avocados are in season, and on sale this time of year, I decided I'd get some extras just in case I got some duds.


The problem was that I didn't want a bunch of little cups holding all my seeds separately. I live in an apartment, and space is limited. Plus, I didn't really like the idea of poking the seeds with toothpicks to suspend them in the cups of water. So pictured below is what I came up with, and it allows me to hold/grow up to four seeds, at one time, per container!


I used some empty Parmesan cheese containers. First I outlined the holes using a quarter as a rough guide. The holes will actually end up needing to be a little bigger than the size of the quarter. Make sure the holes are large enough so the seeds are not too tight. If the seeds are too tight in the hole, they will not be able to split open and let the plant grow (see pic below). If you accidentally cut the holes too large, no problem, you can still use the toothpicks if needed (i cut mine shorter).  Also, I added an extra smaller hole in the center of the larger holes that will hold the seeds so that I can easily add more water as needed without opening the lid.  Place the avocado seeds flat side down, pointy side up.

Have you ever tried braiding trees?!  If so, I'd love to hear about your experiences!  


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1 Comment

Reply Kimber
10:31 AM on February 26, 2014 
I was just thinking about trying this, so i looked it up and found this. Im already starting 3 avocados in a shallow wendys salad container with a lid. The cup of water and toothpicks never work for me! So I did it like I do with beansprouts and used a paper towel and got it wet. Ive used the same wendys container for bean sprouts and it worked better than anything else I have tried before. I have a bit of sprouting going on but its only been about a week, patience I know lol! Not sure if you will see but Id love to know how it went! Email or find me on facebook

kimber winfrey