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Posted by 1FrugalMom on April 7, 2017 at 3:45 PM
As my longtime readers already know, I don't usually post stuff like this, but this story hits extremely close to home. Please pray for this sweet old lady, or help by sharing this post, or even donating to this sweet old lady if you possibly can. It's been over half a year since the historic flooding in August 2016, and 80 year old Ruby Brumfield is still displaced from home! Ruby is the sister of missing person, Barbara Ann Blount. Her family has suffered tremendous loss & hardships and needs help. PLEASE SHARE! Thank you! #HelpRubyHome https://www.gofundme.com/help-ruby-home

Tragically, like so many others, 80 year old, MawMaw Ruby lost just about everything in the historic flooding in Louisiana in August 2016. Until the flood, Ruby had lived on her lot for 47 years (since 1970) in her old 1968 mobile home trailer. Ruby was blessed to have survived the flood waters being rescued by boat with her two, young, great-granddaughters in tow. Then the next five days Ruby and the girls, without any way of communications, were shuffled from shelter to shelter as each one continued to flood, and family members frantically searched and prayed to find them safe. Prayers were answered and Ruby and the girls were finally located (more here); However, Ruby still remains displaced from her home by the flood waters to this very day. Her trailer was a total loss. After the flood, FEMA came out and told Ruby that her old 1968 trailer was only worth $10K, and because she didn't have at least $17K worth of damage (b/c her trailer wasn't worth that much), she didn't qualify for a FEMA trailer.

Ruby has always taken care of others her whole entire life, and now she needs help herself, but Ruby is not one to ask for help; therefore, family has started this campaign for her. Ruby is a survivor. Throughout her life, Ruby has suffered tremendous loss, and great hardship. She lost two of her sisters, including missing person Barbara Ann Blount, her husband, and sadly even her two sons, as well. And more. Plus now, she has lost her home and the majority of it's contents, too.

MawMaw Ruby is always doing for others, placing their needs before her own. Ruby raised not only her children, but that of others, as well, and without any assistance. Ruby and her family are salt of the earth, good people, so very kind, understanding, and generous with what they have; However, as rich as they are with love, they have very few funds. And unfortunately, the family, and extended family, simply don't have enough monies alone to help MawMaw Ruby replace her flood destroyed mobile home. It's been over half a year now, all avenues have been exhausted, and Ruby is still displaced from her home. And that's why we're going public to ask for help.

Please help sweet, MawMaw Ruby get back home to her lot, where she misses her neighbors, friends, yard, plants, and gardening outdoors. ANY donations, big AND small, are very much greatly appreciated, and are sure to help! SHARING this campaign to help spread the word and raise funds for Ruby is also very much greatly appreciated! ANY & ALL HELP is VERY much appreciated and will be a HUGE blessing to Ruby, and will go a long way in helping bring Ruby home!

All funds raised will go directly to MawMaw Ruby Brumfield from Denham Springs, LA 70706. The funds raised for Ruby will be used to purchase a replacement mobile home trailer, and expenses related to that purchase (such as removal of what's left of the old trailer, delivery and set-up of the new/used trailer, tax, title/license, etc.).

Ruby has been looking for an inexpensive 16 foot, single/wide, mobile home trailer to replace the one she had that was a total loss.

Please feel free to ask any questions. And most of all, thank you for taking the time to read Ruby's campaign, and THANK YOU for your support via prayers, sharing, and/or donations, to help bring Ruby home!

#HelpRubyHome Thank you! :-)

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Please #HelpRubyHome by sharing this post! Prayers & donations also greatly appreciated!  Thank you!  https://www.gofundme.com/help-ruby-home

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